Beware of Infections When Traveling, Hear Rebekah’s Story
Traveling is one of life’s greatest adventures. New sights to see, new people to meet and lots of different delicious food to eat are just some of the gems in traveling. There are however many things to be aware of to make sure your traveling experience is the best. Meet Rebekah Fulton who is an Instagram influencer. Her story is a sad warning to everyone to be very careful when traveling.

Rebkah’s Story

Thailand is no doubt a beautiful place. However, Rebekah traveled to the Thai island of Ko Phi Phi Don and stayed to live and work on the island and an unexpected tragedy occurred. Rebekah went for medical help as a result of pain in her ear. She ended up in the hospital, as a result, the pain was a brain abscess from an infection. A brain abscess can occur as a result of bacteria getting into the body. The family is trying to raise money to get Rebekah back to England where the medical care will better suit her needs. Rebekah’s condition can prove to be fatal if it is not taken care of properly. It is important to be careful in foreign countries.

How Can You Pick Up Bacteria Traveling

There is a very good reason we get specific shots when we go to other countries. There are viruses and bacteria that people from those regions have grown up with that are immune to their dangers. We have to protect ourselves when traveling. Water is a carrier of diseases both drinking and water you swim in. It is important to not swim in overly heated water that may have stagnant areas. Swimming in the ocean is probably the safest place to swim when traveling as the salt is an excellent cleanser. Eating is in the best-known places is important. Food can easily carry bacteria that can make a traveler sick.

How Rebekah Could Have Protected Herself

Until there is a thorough investigation we do not know how Rebekah got the infection. Her father has a GoFundMe page to try to help and get home to England where she can recover. Being extremely careful where you go when traveling or living abroad is imperative. Getting the proper shots is important. Making sure the shots last the length of your stay. Staying healthy and eating healthy is important for your body to challenge any foreign bacteria around you. Know where your drinking water comes from is important for good health when traveling. Eating only food that you are aware of has been cleaned and properly taken care of.

Hopefully, Rebekah will make a full recovery. She teaches us all a lesson in care when traveling. It is important to have travel insurance and proper medical insurance for traveling. Check all policies for what is covered. The important lesson is that everyone be safe and careful when traveling. Being in tip-top shape and getting plenty of rest is important when traveling. Checking out medical facilities is not a bad idea before you travel as well. Safe travels to all.