Six-year-old Landon went to the mall with his family to visit Santa Claus. When his turn to talk with Saint Nick came up, Landon surprised him with a very serious question.

He wanted to know if his autism would land him on the “naughty” list. The question caused his mother to start crying.


Santa immediately reassured Landon that he loved him, that the reindeer loved him and the elves would be happy to bring him plenty of gifts on Christmas Day. Santa also explained to Landon that he was no better or worse than anyone else just because he was born with an extra challenge. He added that Landon was a good person, and it was okay to be exactly who he was. The boy was calmed by Santa’s kind words, and the two spent another few minutes talking before having their photo taken.


Landon’s mother was very impressed with the patience and wisdom shown to her son during their mall visit. She was happy that he would be able to relax and enjoy the Christmas season without worrying that his difference would get him into trouble.

The incident was a lesson in how a few moments of kindness can make all the difference in the world.