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Drone Footage Over The Ocean… Amazing!

Drones are used for all types of things now. They are often used to view areas where someone can’t  Continue Reading »

He Uses A Wood Plank To Build The Ultimate Camping Setup

Camping today can take many different forms. Some people think of camping as staying in a fully stocked cabin  Continue Reading »

92 Year Old Lady Wrote a Poem That Will Bring You To Tears…

There are certainly many poems and essays about aging and life, most to be found in proper publications. But,  Continue Reading »

She Was Reporting The News In a Bathing Suit And Fellow Reporter Had To Say Something

When you see someone reporting the news, it’s often while that person is wearing a suit, dress or other  Continue Reading »

Marisa Miller Leaves Conan Blushing After What She Did On His Show

When Marisa Miller was on Conan O’Brien’s stage, she left him blushing. Miller is an actress and a model.  Continue Reading »

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