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Parents Share Photos Of ‘World’s Smallest Baby’ Nine Months Later

Nine months ago, the world was stunned to meet what everyone called the smallest baby in the world. At  Continue Reading »

I Always Wondered Why Railroad Tracks Are Surrounded By Stones. Did You Know This?

Trains have been one of the most pivotal pieces of technology to ever be produced by mankind. They have  Continue Reading »

Mans Boat Attacked In Terrifying Shark Assault

Adon Samoilenko is a fisherman who recently had an encounter with a shark. He stated that the shark had  Continue Reading »

The Scariest Attraction Ever Built Just Opened.. Would You Ever Do This?

There are quite a few frightening attractions in the world, but none might be as scary as one that  Continue Reading »

Food Expiration Dates Are Proven To Be Scam To Get You To Spend More Money

Most of us place far too much faith in a product’s expiration date. It has become almost natural for  Continue Reading »

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