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Her Past Doesn’t Define Her Future

Growing up in a tougher region of Mexico comes with its share of difficulties. Monterrey, Mexico is the represented  Continue Reading »

She Continues Her Strive for Greatness

Being recognized within the realm of excellence, no matter the condition, is something that hopefuls strive for. One of  Continue Reading »

This Heartthrob is Checking the Pulse of Her Fans

Quarantine has looked different from person to person. Some have spent their long wait fixing up their house, working  Continue Reading »

Bunking Up with a Famous Personality has Changed her Career

When celebrities pair their likeness with others within the same realms of fame, the result is a Hollywood headline.  Continue Reading »

She Remains Flexible For Her Fans

Keeping the body in pristine condition for gymnastic activity is a difficult feat. As we age, we often lose  Continue Reading »

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