Inspiring others to become a better version of themselves is something that many don’t have the courage or depth to task. Emily Sears is an Instagram model who is utilizing her platform for good. Her inspiration starts with improving the lives of others and her centralized goal of making this a reality for all of her fans has become her way of life. This Australian born model has reached her mid-30s and understands that we all have to face the music at some point in our lives. Emily’s moments of realization came when she looked back at the life she had established in her early teens. She felt as if she were spinning in circles, waiting for her big break. Her breakthrough came when she took the leap of faith to move to LA. This move was filled with fear and anxiety as if it were a mistake. She pushed past these thoughts and placed herself in the correct frame of mind to ensure her lucid thoughts that she would one day be successful.

Maxim took on the model at an early age, creating that beam of light that filled her head with the food for thought she needed to change her life. This cover model has embarked on a personal journey for finding success and meaning out of everything she does. Being placed within the correct frame of mind helped open the door of opportunity. This widening allowed Emily to utilize her platform to ask the simple question: what does it take to be successful? The questionnaire sessions started with fans of her Instagram page. She would record listening sessions and slide shows asking fans different questions. She also opened the floor for a conversation with having fans write-in questions for her to answer via live stream events. This connection slowly sprouted to a following of over 100,000 users. Today, Emily uses this same platform to help dig people out of their past and aspire for something greater.

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In one of her most recent Instagram sessions, Emily asked her fans what was truly holding them back. Allowing her fans to remain anonymous created some really inspiring results. Fans outpoured their stories to her and allowed her a small glimpse into their lives. By simply showcasing these results to the world, Emily helped create awareness. The simple message and delivery centered around the fact that we all have to face our demons and not let our past spell our future. Fans crafted many different responses, some even revealed dark secrets of the past. Emily found that creating an outlet for users to help get things off their chest, she was able to impact the lives of countless others.

It also showcased her in-touch side to the world. Most celebrities and people of fame rarely share their wealth of knowledge and spotlight with others. Emily’s goal was to open her arms to others in hopes that we would all continue to embrace and support one another through trying times. The public outreach to her posts has gone viral and generated a countless number of users to view her page and content. She is giving a new meaning for what it means to be a person of fame and likeness. Her personality and her great sense of personable off-giving are allowing people to change the way they live their lives for the better. Emily has now become a person of influence and aspiration for millions across the globe.