Budweiser, though loved for its beer, is also loved because of its Clydesdales. Over the years, the company has never been shy of using these animals to create endearing holiday advertisements. In this year’s run, the subject is a horse snowball fight where a younger group of Clydesdales begin launching snow at an older, and much larger, group. Not to be outdone by youngsters, it’s the experienced Clydesdales that get the last laugh, covering the younger group in an entire tree’s worth of snow.

Majestic and memorable, Budweiser has always used these Clydesdales to help sell their beer. There’s even a special touring van that carries these animals across the country for live performances. However, things weren’t always this way. The horses weren’t actually a part of the Budweiser legacy until 1933 when Busch Junior gifted his father with the horses in celebration of the repealing of prohibition. On that day, the new team pulled a red and gold beer wagon through the streets of St. Louis in merriment.

Since then, the beer and the horses have been inseparable both inside of the company and in the public eye. While prohibition ending celebrations came and went, the horses have managed to maintain a certain level of excitement in the brand. Every year, commercials like this come out to celebrate hallmarks of the American tradition, including Christmas, New Year’s and, of course, the Super Bowl.