Whether you’re a fan of recording artist Alison Krauss, a folk-hymn enthusiast, or you simply fell in love with the song from hearing it in the popular movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?, this rendition of Down to the River to Pray is likely to become a favorite.

With it’s powerful message and haunting tune, the song has driven generations of people to reflection, worship and contemplation. Now, with the help of the soul-stirring Berklee Gospel Ensemble, Alison manages to push this soaring melody to new heights.

First published in the 1867 collection Slave Songs of the Untied States, this song has a rich and diverse history. It is simultaneously considered an Appalachian Folk Song, a Christian Hymn, and a Traditional Spiritual.

There is also evidence that the tune was originally a Native American Song that has been adapted to express Christian sentiments.

Regardless of one’s particular background, it’s a song that all different types of people can relate to and turn to for hope and inspiration. Part of the joy of discovering music videos is sharing special songs that touch us with those we love.

Perhaps hearing this recording of Down to the River to Pray would encourage someone in your life.

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