You never know what you might catch when you go fishing, and no one knows that better than Sawyer Kolowith, a 9-year-old from Boise who recently caught one of the largest white sturgeons every caught.

It was caught while he and his father were fishing near Glenn’s Ferry at Snake River. It took the young man a little over an hour to finally wrestle the fish to him, and it measured an astonishing 8ft, 7in and weighed a minimum of 220 pounds.

They released the giant fish after taking its measurements. Mark Kolowith, Sawyer’s father, said the pair set a goal for themselves to catch a fish that was at least 30 inches long, because they had never caught one over 30 inches. It is safe to say that Sawyer and his father both were pleasantly surprised with their amazing catch, but Mark said he feels it is unlikely they’ll ever be lucky enough to catch a second fish of that scale.

Kolowith is an employee of Idaho Power, and he took his son fishing with the company’s head sturgeon researcher.

The prize-winner of the day was the 8-footer, but they also caught two others that were around 5 feet long. One of the smaller fish was caught by Sawyer’s older brother, Sam. Sam is 11 years old, and Sawyer was noticeably annoyed when his older brother caught a fish before he did.

That feeling quickly vanished when Sawyer caught the record-setter of his dreams. Sawyer learned that patience truly is a virtue.