Budget-focused shoppers often make purchases at dollar stores where they can find low prices or “only a dollar” commonly used brand and generic products.

Although many items in a dollar store offer real value, the following seven products cause shoppers to ultimately waste money. Some pose a risk to your health and the health of your loved ones.

Everyone loves low-cost cleaning and bathroom and kitchen paper products, but low quality dollar store ones usually provide less sheets per roll, easily tear or fail to absorb as much liquid as brand name items.

Pet food and other supplies might come from a country that has poor production quality checks or allows fillers that can harm animals.

The same is true of children’s toys and ceramic collectibles, plates and glasses.

These items often contain a high amount of lead, carcinogens and other toxins that leach into the air or penetrate the skin.

Electronics and related accessories typically also come from countries with poor production standards, and some dollar stores refuse to replace electronics for any reason even if a product stops working within a few hours of purchase.

Headphones are one of the most common items that break soon after purchase. All types and sizes of batteries are also usually low quality and fail not long after you start using them.

Lastly, many products are produced in regions that do not have legislation that prevents manufacturers from selling items containing parts that can pose a choking risk to children and pets.