Our babies are like us. By this, we mean they have the same pressure points on their feet, hands, and ears. When we massage these pressure points on us, we find relief from workday stress. Many studies show that massaging our feet can promote weight loss.

There are also other health benefits we can see from a foot massage. There are seven benefits to massaging our baby’s little feet. These benefits include soothing an empty stomach, promoting their growth and improving their mood, improving their immune system, relaxing their breathing, boosting their energy, bladder control, and promoting their digestion. Read on for an explanation of these benefits.

Point To Sooth A Baby’s Empty Stoamch:

When we want to soothe our baby’s empty stomach, we can massage their little toes. Sometimes that bottle is not ready when the baby requests it. If you need a few more minutes to get things ready, rub the tips of your baby’s toes. Doing so will help calm the hunger. Applying gentle pressure to the baby’s big toes will help promote their growth and improve their mood. It is true.

Point To Improve Mood

The balls of the big toe help to stimulate the pituitary gland. When you massage the balls of your baby’s big toes, the pituitary gland will secrete the growth hormone into the baby’s system. The more growth hormone, a baby gets, the better off he or she will be.

Point To Stimulate Immune System

It also improves the cuddling mood of a baby. That will make him or her happy. Rubbing the perimeter of the balls of a baby’s foot will help to improve the immune system. The area is associated with the thymus gland, which helps to regulate our immune systems. The arch of the baby’s foot can help to relax them.

Point To Relax Breathing

The area is associated with the solar plexus in our brains. If your baby appears to become stressed out by their new environment or by meeting someone new, it could be that he or she will benefit from a massaging of the arch of the foot.

Point To Boost Energy

Babies are little people. They can become overtired, just like adults. If you were out and your baby missed a nap, they can become grumpy. Applying pressure to the area just below the arch can help release adrenaline in the baby’s system.

Point For Bladder Control

The adrenaline will help boost the baby’s mood and energy until you can get home and put the baby down for a nap. Did you give the baby a bottle? Do you want to change the baby’s diaper right now?

Point For Digestive Health

Maybe the baby did not urinate right after having its milk. If you massage the center of the sole of the baby’s foot, you can have control over this. If you were planning on leaving and did not want your baby in a wet diaper while you are gone, you could make the baby urinate while you massage the center of the sole. Does your baby have colic or constipation? Applying light pressure to the outside of the baby’s foot can help regulate your baby’s digestion.

It will allow the baby to release any trapped feces. The exterior of the foot near the sole is associated with the colon and intestines. It can be massaged to allow the baby to release any built-up pressure inside the colon and bowels. Baby reflexology is essential for the baby’s overall health.