Most adults go their entire lives without inventing anything.

For 4th-grader Sophie, she’s already beaten the odds with her amazing design. When her school held an Invention Convention to encourage students to create solutions to problems, Sophie knew just what to do.

With a handful of materials from the hardware store and a can-do attitude, she made an affordable way to ensure that parents never leave their kids in the car again.

After thinking about the problem of children getting accidentally forgotten in hot cars, Sophie decided she need to invent something that would keep parents attached to their kids.

Once she’d gone through a few brainstorming sessions and prototypes, she created a great little device that stretches between a parent’s set of keys and a child’s car seat. It uses just $12 of materials that can be found in any hardware store.

Simply combine velcro loops and a stretchy cord. Attach the velcro to your keys and your child’s seat, and you’ll never forget your kid again. This girl genius isn’t selling her device or blueprints.

She’s sharing them freely with the entire world to protect young children from being left behind.

With a brain like hers, we’re sure she’ll be making profitable discoveries in no time. We can’t wait to see what Sophie invents for her middle school science fair!