Most people have been told that it’s not healthy to drink a lot of soda. It can make you gain weight, and it can mean highs and lows when it comes to energy levels.

A man decided to drink 10 cans of soda every day for a month to see what it would do to his body. The results are rather surprising.George Prior has always been a person who is healthy and tries to show other people how to eat healthy and exercise.

He challenged himself to drink 10 cans of soda so that others could see just what the drink could do to the human body. In only a month, George transformed himself from a healthy and active man to one with love handles and extra padding on other areas of the body.

Another issue that George found was that he was becoming addicted to the drink. He didn’t want to stop drinking it, just like someone who drinks alcohol or smokes.

George was taking in 900 more calories a day than he had originally been doing. It was also 250 grams of sugar. He gained about 25 pounds in 30 days just because he started drinking soda every day.

His blood pressure also went up while his energy level decreased. When he stopped drinking the soda, he lost five pounds in four days.