When William Stokkebroe appeared on YouTube in 2012, the internet world went crazy because of his dance moves. He danced to “Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis, and he was only a 2-year-old at the time. William is from Denmark, and when he hit the dance floor, he wasn’t a shy boy. He wore jeans and a checkered shirt while he was performing.

Many who have enjoyed seeing the young boy on the internet are mesmerized and surprised about his control while on the floor as he appears as though he has had lessons. When the song is over, William gives a bow to thank those who cheered for him.

William has spent much of his life watching his parents dance. His parents are champion ballroom dancers who have been all over the world. The video of William dancing first became popular in Denmark before people in the United States started viewing it and became captivated by the little boy.

Some people think that his moves are comparable to Elvis and that he could be the next dancing sensation if he spends enough time on the dance floor. In 2014, a young girl joined William on the dance floor, and they have been seen in a few videos online.