In 1996, Demi Moore appeared on “The David Letterman Show” to promote her new movie. She did something that many people would consider to be over-the-top. She stripped down to her bra and panties. She also gave David Letterman a fake lap dance.

David Letterman introduced Demi Moore before she came out on the stage. The crowd applauded her after she walked out on the stage. After she came out on the stage, she took off her clothes, and the crowd went wild.

Even David Letterman looked as though he was in total shock. He was even more shocked when she started dancing. At one point during the video, it appeared as though David Letterman was trying to get her to stop dancing, but she would not let him go.

The video of this 1996 clip from “The David Letterman Show” has been posted on YouTube. It has been viewed over 728,000 times. One person commented saying that Demi looked good then and looked good now.

Another person stated that it is embarrassing that some Hollywood actors have to go to the extreme to sell movies. The movie that Demi Moore was promoting was “Striptease.” The movie grossed over 113 million.