Lalage Snow is an award-winning journalist and photographer. Her projects have been featured on London Live and BBC. Her work has also been in museums. She is known for her ability to combine journalism and art. One of her most famous works is “We Are Not Dead.” This is a photography collection that features photos of soldiers before, during and after the war.

Ben Frater was one of the soldiers who was featured in the collection. He talked about his experiences before, during and after the war. Before the war, he talked about how he was going to miss going out with his family members and friends. He also stated that life during the war was a lot easier than he thought that it would be. However, he missed being home. He also missed clean clothes and showers.

When Ben got back home, the first thing that he did was go for a walk with his dogs. Sean Tanner was another soldier that was photographed by Lalage Snow. He stated that after he returned home from the war, he was irritated by the smallest things. Steve Gibson, who was also photographed by Lalage Snow, stated that he began reading the Bible while he was serving in the war. He had never read the Bible before he served his country.