An 11-year-old boy by the name of Connor Fitz-Gerald was recently walking along the sand at Marina Dunes when he realized something was gravely wrong with a site he stumbled upon.

The boy saw a bag partially buried in the sand that had no one near to claim it, so he started to dig it up only to find it belonged to a little girl who was buried beneath the sand.

The girl, 5-year-old Alyssa Bostic, had been playing in the sand when she was accidentally covered by a collapsed small cave she had dug in the sand. The result was that she was completely buried, cut off from the air above.

Connor instantly realized he had to help the little girl. There were no adults anywhere near the scene, so he had to stay calm and collected in order to be of use. He deduced where the girl’s head must be, realizing she wouldn’t be able to breath under the sand.

He clawed at the sand until he unearthed the little girl, and he was able to pull her from the hole with some effort. However, the little girl was non-responsive and appeared lifeless.

Still not panicking, Connor thought back to an episode of NCIS where one of the actors performed CPR on someone, so he replicated the movement on the small girl.

He had a hard time of it at first since she was completely covered in sand, but it later proved to be vital to her survival. After the girl’s parents arrived and took her to the doctor, she made a full recovery.