Losing a child is something that many parents don’t experience.

Those who do often find that they pain is so much to bear that they don’t know what to do in life as they are overcome with grief. Matthew Robinson was born in 1988 to Ernest and Anneke Robinson.

When he was 10, Matthew died from disabilities that were present since birth.

Matthew was blind and paralyzed because there was a lack of oxygen to the brain during birth. Doctors at the hospital only thought that he would live for a few hours. Matthew’s family supported him and gave him the strength that he needed to live for a decade.

In 19991, Ernest prepared to bury his son. The gravestone for Matthew would be something special and unique because the young boy was unique. Ernest built something on his own instead of letting a company offer a general design.

The church was full for Matthew’s funeral. A gravestone with a base of concrete and a boy in a wheelchair reaching for the sky now sits where Matthew is buried. There are flowers in the wheelchair and often stuffed animals.

Ernest designed the boy on the gravestone to represent Matthew and the free spirit that he had in life.