Several tests can be seen online that tend to give a little insight as to how well you might be able to see. Some of them involve pictures and some of them involve images that are hidden in other colors. One of the latest pictures might reveal how well you can really see in regards to being color blind or not.

The first image is one that you might have to concentrate on as it’s a red background with a number hidden. It can be difficult to see the number unless you strain your eyes. This could be an indication that there is something going on with the overall eyesight. As the test progresses, you continue to see more colored backgrounds with numbers that are hidden inside. There are also optical illusions where you have to determine which line is longer than the other or if they are both the same length. While some of the pictures seem odd, they could give you a bit of information as to how well you can see.

If you are unable to focus on one aspect of the image, then it could mean that the focus in the eyes is one that is out of proportion or that you aren’t able to clearly see images.