There is a war on Christmas, but many retailers are starting to fight back. Hobby Lobby is one of the stores that is fighting back. The store not only plays Christian music and closes on Sundays, but the workers proudly say “Merry Christmas.” Belk is another store that is in the Christmas mood. They proudly say “Merry Christmas.” Nordstrom also celebrates Christmas. They are closed on Thanksgiving and start decorating for Christmas on Black Friday.

Home Depot is considered a Christmas-friendly store, and they regularly say “Merry Christmas.” Walmart has received a five-star rating from the American Family Association. They celebrate and promote Christmas. Macy’s not only has one of the largest parades of the year, but they often use the word Christmas.

Ellen Degeneres has been featured in many JCpenny advertisements. However, the store is still Christmas-friendly.Bass Pro Shops often makes the American Family Association’s list on a regular basis. They are a gun shop that promotes and celebrates Christmas. If you go to Lowe’s during the Christmas season, then you will see a lot of Christmas decorations.

They also have the word “Christmas” on their website. Toys R Us is another great place to shop during Christmas. They say “Merry Christmas” as much as Hobby Lobby does.