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Girl With Alopecia Rocks Everyone’s World On Crazy Hair Day

People with Alopecia have been drastically hoping for a cure, or at least a better way to deal with  Continue Reading »

10 hours ago

New Mom Gives Baby Shot Of Vodka So She Can Go Party

The instinct to keep their children alive seems to be inborn in the good majority of mothers. However, it  Continue Reading »

10 hours ago

Students Refuse To Learn About WWII Because It Upsets Them

A popular Instagram influencer named, Freddie Bentley has recently been extremely vocal about his standings on whether or not  Continue Reading »

10 hours ago

Lions Devour Hunters Who Broke Trespassed To Hunt Rhinos

The dangers of the African Safari are the stuff of legend. Despite these dangers, a group of poachers learned  Continue Reading »

10 hours ago

New Noise Hair Beauty Trend Is Starting To Take Off

Some people, and not necessarily just teenage girls and women anymore, follow fashion trends as a hobby and statement  Continue Reading »

10 hours ago

12 Year Old Student Dies When School Wouldn’t Give Him His Medicine

A child who suffers from asthma attacks usually has medication to help them breath when the attacks occur. It  Continue Reading »

3 days ago

PETA Is Claiming Milk Is A Symbol Of White Supremacy

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or ,PETA for short, have come out with a tweet that claims  Continue Reading »

4 days ago

Live Animals Are Being Sold Inside Keychains

A growing trend in China is garnering global backlash. Amidst growing worldwide support for animal rights, Chinese officials struggle  Continue Reading »

4 days ago

Gossip Doesn’t Stick Alongside Her Likable Personality

Abby Rao is one of those placing claims to internet fame. She utilized many of the popular resources we  Continue Reading »

1 month ago

She Has The Fastest Growing Page On Instagram

It often takes a lot of effort and determination to build an Instagram following that is worth its weight  Continue Reading »

1 month ago