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Student Asked To Change “Controversial” Art Project Of Be Failed, Tells Teacher No

A teacher in Virginia may be in hot water after telling a student that their approved art project had  Continue Reading »

5 hours ago

The View Fans Outraged With Joy Behar Rumor

Did Joy Behar just announce her retirement? This is what long-time fans and critics are attempting to surmise. Behar  Continue Reading »

5 hours ago

Liberals Demand John Wayne’s Airport Be Renamed After Old Comments Surface

The world is awake with the fight for equality, not just online but on the ground as well through  Continue Reading »

5 hours ago

She Got A $100k Settlement Over Coworkers American Flag

Karimah Guion-Pledgure sued Multnomah County for fostering a workplace with overwhelming racial insensitivity. One of Karimah’s workmates initiated the  Continue Reading »

5 hours ago

AOC Is Tired Of The Democratic Party, Might Quit

Lately, AOC has become fed up with the Democratic Party and its obstinancy when it comes to getting things  Continue Reading »

6 hours ago

Martin Luther Kings Son Calls For NFL Boycott Because Of Kaepernick

Martin Luther King Jr.’s son has used his strong influence as the son of a civil rights and American  Continue Reading »

6 hours ago

Teen Caught Rigging Election Facing 16 Years In Prison

In the city of Pensacola, Florida, seventeen-year-old Tate High School students Emily Grover and Laura Carroll, Grover’s mother, used  Continue Reading »

6 hours ago

NFL Will Now Play “Black National Anthem” Before Games

In response to events which have unfolded in the past year, the NFL began playing the so-called “black national  Continue Reading »

12 hours ago

“Vulgar” Biden Billboard Gets National Attention

In Huntington, Maryland, in Calvert County, a billboard signed as being from “all your deplorable in Calvert County” is  Continue Reading »

12 hours ago

People Blame One Person For Hundreds Of Subway Sandwich Shops Closing

Subway is one of the most popular fast-food chains known for providing its customers with a form of healthy  Continue Reading »

14 hours ago